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About Investment Banks And Career Opportunities:
Investment banks are companies that help other companies to increase financial capital in capital markets through issuance of stocks and bonds, among others. Investment banks also offer financial services such as derivatives trading, foreign exchange, commodities and equity or advisory services for mergers and acquisitions. Investment banks are also involved in initial public offerings (IPOs).

Indian Financial Markets are among the highest growth markets. Recently, there has been a spate of IPOs in the Indian market and the secondary market indices are at an all time high. All these fundamentals provide an excellent opportunity for aspirants in the field. Investment Banking and research professionals would therefore be in high demand. India has the unique selling proposition of harbouring the best talent pool in the world, proven by the fact that today the country houses the largest number of captive IB offices as well as third party services (Financial KPOs). Further, not just the financial markets but the corporate finance activity is also on the uptick and there is a huge demand for financial and business analysts in the non-financial corporate sector.
About NSE Academy:
NSE Academy is a wholly owned subsidiary of National Stock Exchange of India and it is India’s premier and leading BFSI/Capital Markets Certification entity set up to promote financial education as a necessary life skill and helps in development of pool of human resources having right skills and expertise in each segment of the BFSI industry by providing training and certifications. NSE Academy works with Schools, Universities, working professionals and organisations in developing such financial skills through various programs.
SDMIMD Edge For Learning Investment Banking
  • Rigorous training in investment banking courses exclusively designed by faculty of SDMIMD and NSE Academy.
  • Dual Certification Program. Apart from the SDMIMD PGCM Certification successful candidates will be awarded Certificate in Investment Banking from NSE Academy.
  • Opportunity to take up NSCMP (NSC Certified Capital Market Professional) at no extra cost.
  • Internship assistance in leading stock broking houses / financial service companies.
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    Core Courses
    Specialization Specific Courses
    Core Courses Team I
    • Financial Reporting and Analysis
    • Marketing Management
    • Human Resources Management
    • Information Technology for Management
    • Business Data Analysis
    • Organization Behaviour
    • Business Communication
    • Essentials of Business Analytics
    Core Courses Team II
  • Corporate Finance
  • Costing for Decision Making
  • Marketing Research Methods
  • Operations Management
  • Economics (Micro + Macro)
  • Management Information Systems
  • Business in Global Markets
  • Social Relevant Project at NGO / Organization
  • Core Courses Team III
  • Workplace Learning & Development
  • Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Project Management
  • Term I
    • Entrepreneurship Primer I
    Term II
  • Introduction to Family Business
  • Term III
  • Entrepreneurship Primer II
  • Business Model Strategy (Customer Development Model, Business Model Development, Value Proposition Development, The Lean Startup Process, Product Management)
  • Design Thinking (Elements & Applying Design Thinking Principles)
  • Term IV
  • Growth Hacking Techniques & Smart Scaling, Case Studies Pitch Doctoring (Storytelling, Pitching to Investors); Shark Tank
  • Fund Raising Process (Bootstrapping to Series ‘X’)
  • Legal Process – Managing Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), and Legal issues, Legal Documents for Fund Raising
  • Dissertation Project
    The program will end with 3 Month immersion program to be undertaken by the students from August 2022 to October 2022. The dissertation will be directly related to the specialization vertical chosen. The award function for students who complete the program successfully will be held in November 2022.
    Contact For More Details
    For clarification and information about the specialization in Investment Banking, please contact:
    Dr. Sunil M.V.
    Assistant Professor – General Management
    SDMIMD Mysore
    Mobile: 9986439832
    Mr. Sanjay Srinivasmurthy
    Director – Operations
    Silicon Rd Inc., Mysore